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January 06, 2011

River Parishes Community College Expands Classes in Reserve

By Nicholas Ory

River Parishes Community College is pleased to announce the expansion of general education classes in the spring 2011 semester at South Central Louisiana Technical College (formerly LTC River Parishes) in Reserve.

The general education classes taught by River Parishes Community College faculty are now open to high school seniors and the general public. Previous classes taught by River Parishes Community College faculty in Reserve were only open to students pursuing technical degrees at South Central Louisiana Technical College who were cross-enrolled at River Parishes Community College. 

River Parishes Community College faculty teach 7 subjects in Reserve: English, economics, physical science, speech, math, chemistry and psychology. River Parishes Community College faculty have collaborated with South Central Louisiana Community College for several years to offer students general education courses, which are courses that are transferable to four-year colleges and universities. 

Whether completing a technical degree or earning course credit that transfers to a four-year college or university, students of any age have more opportunities to take classes.

Dr. Crystal Lee, Dean of Academic Instruction, said the classes provide a great opportunity to potential students. “The goal is to increase access to courses closer to home that are transferable to four-year institutions and fulfill general education requirements of technical degrees, ” said Dr. Lee.

Classes begin on January 13.

Students can register for general education classes at River Parishes Community College’s main campus. Registration ends Friday, January 14, a day after classes begin.

Students who wish to take general education classes in Reserve can contact the River Parishes Community College Office of Student Services at (225) 675-8270 or visit the web site at www.rpcc.edu/admissions.cfm.

River Parishes Community College focuses on building the workforce of today and tomorrow by providing specific skills training and transferrable courses and curricula leading to certification and associate degrees. RPCC works closely with its communities to provide programs for personal, professional, and academic growth. For more information, please visit www.rpcc.edu or call (225) 743-8500.