Step 1: Self-Awareness

Which would you prefer . . .
� a job/career that fills you with enthusiasm for your work or
� one that leaves you watching the clock and wishing the hour hand would move more quickly?

If you chose the first option, you're not alone. Most people hope to enjoy and feel passionate about their work. So how can you find career options that will excite and inspire you? You'll need to begin by taking a closer look at yourself. Specifically, you'll want to examine four key areas: your skills, interests, work values, and personality preferences. To start this process of exploration and discovery, take some time to respond to the following questions: Write down your answers. In doing this, you are starting to develop a picture of what it will take for a career to suit you. These questions are just the beginning of the self-exploration process, though. To complete a more thorough self-evaluation, you may want to consider taking a career assessment.

Career Assessments
The Office of Counseling Services offers various assessments to help you identify your career-related interests, skills, values, and personality preferences. Students interested in career testing should call (225) 675-8270 to schedule an appointment with a counselor. During this initial meeting, the counselor and student will explore the student's career concerns and determine if assessments might be useful. In the case that an assessment(s) is taken, students will schedule a second appointment with the counselor to have their results interpreted, discuss those results, and develop an action plan. Please keep in mind that students must meet with a counselor to receive assessment results. The American Counseling Association ethical standards prohibit the release of this information without an interpretation.

The following is a list of assessments offered by the Office of Counseling Services to currently enrolled students: There are also a number of free assessments that can be found on the Internet. Below is a list of some of the more commonly used ones.

Career Solutions-Louisiana Department of Labor
Click on the "Career Services" link to identify careers for which you are well suited.

Career Focus 2000 Interest Inventory
Use this assessment to identify your work interests and discover related occupations. To access this assessment, look for the heading "confused about a career direction." On the line below, find and click on the "interest inventory" link on the main page. This will bring you to the Career Focus 2000 Interest Inventory. After completing the interest inventory, be sure to take advantage of the section entitled "How to Select a Career Direction."

Assessment Worksheets
Complete these printable assessments to identify work settings, personality preferences, skills, and work values.

Type Focus
Complete this free personality profile, and then go to the Personality Page to learn more about your personality and career choices. To view career information, click on the pathways icon.