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Semester Accommodations Request Form

Students who have been authorized to receive accommodations will need to complete a Semester Accommodations Request Form every semester in which accommodations are to be used. Through this form, students will notify the Office of Counseling Services of the courses in which they wish to use their accommodations. In turn, the Office of Counseling Services will prepare accommodations letters for those classes within three to five business days of receiving the Semester Accommodations Request Form. Students may pick up their letters from the reception area in the Office of Student Services (Building C). To maintain confidentiality, students need only tell the receptionist that they have come to pick up a letter that was being left for them.

Instructions: To use accommodations already approved by the Office of Counseling Services, complete this form at the start of each semester. The Office of Counseling Services will then prepare your accommodation letters, which you will deliver to your instructors. Please allow three to five business days for your letters to be prepared.

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