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Transfer and Articulation
Many students come to RPCC with the intention of earning college-level credits that can be applied to a degree program at another college or university. The information below is designed to assist students planning for an eventual transfer to another university or college.

Louisiana Transfer Degree Contacts and Advisors
Cara Landry, Registrar
Phone:   (225) 743-8528
E-Mail:   clandry@rpcc.edu

Jennifer Kleinpeter, Director of Advising and Counseling Services
Phone:   (225) 743-8526
E-Mail:    jkleinpeter@rpcc.edu

Transferring to a Louisiana Public Institution

Students planning to transfer to a public Louisiana university may wish to consider earning either the Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer degree or the Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer degree. At RPCC, students pursuing the Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer degree will choose a track in humanities or social sciences, while those earning the Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer degree will select a track in biological of physical sciences. These tracks provide flexibility in course selection and enable students to take classes appropriate for their intended majors.

Courses for the Louisiana Transfer degree should be chosen carefully with the assistance of an advisor or counselor. Students may also need to consult with the receiving institution for assistance with course selection. Additionally, students should note that the Louisiana Transfer degrees, while they do correspond requirements-wise with many four-year degrees, are not designed to facilitate transfer into all university majors.

Students who successfully complete either of these degree programs are guaranteed the following:

  • admission to a public Louisiana university
  • junior-level standing
  • transfer of all 60 non-developmental hours required for the degree
  • completion of the general education requirement
  • equal competition for limited-access programs
Successful completion of a Louisiana Transfer degree does not guarantee admission to every four-year university or degree program, nor does it guarantee that every course taken for the transfer degree will meet specified course requirements of the major. For more information about these degree programs, click here.

Students interested in earning a bachelor�s degree in elementary education may wish to consider earning the Associate of Science in Teaching at RPCC. Like the Louisiana Transfer degrees, the Associate of Science in Teaching also comes with its own set of transfer guarantees. More information is available in the 2010-2011 RPCC General Catalog, which can be accessed by clicking on the �Academics� tab at the top of the page.

Students who wish to transfer to a public Louisiana college or university and who are not earning one of the aforementioned degrees will likely find helpful the Louisiana Board of Regents Articulation Matrix. The matrix shows how select general education, science, and business courses transfer between two- and four-year public institutions in Louisiana.

Transferring Elsewhere
Students transferring to a college or university that is not a public Louisiana institution should contact that institution for help in selecting courses at RPCC that can be used for their intended program at the transfer/receiving institution.

Transferring and Applying to RPCC
Those who wish to apply to RPCC should click on the �Apply Online to RPCC� button on the left-hand side of the page for application information. Students curious to know how coursework from another public Louisiana college or university will transfer to RPCC can view the transfer tables for these institutions by clicking here.